Most People Recover After Divorce – For Some It Is More Complicated

Most men and women are initially devastated when their marriages end. This is natural and expected when you life is turned upside down.  Some can experience a period of brief reactive depression or sadness.  Others prone to clinical depression prior to divorce, can have a recurrence of  depressiveepisodes and need treatment .

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What should I Bring to Mediation?

kathleen bar-tur photo You are probably expecting to be given a list of items like tax returns, wedding certificates, a copy of your credit card bills, and yes, documentation of all your assets, marital and otherwise, so that you can sit and haggle-out an amenable agreement with your soon to be, ex-spouse even though you'd rather not have to. But, the most important item to bring with you is not material, it's your optimism. Your ability to imagine a better future, for yourself, for your child. if you are lucky enoug

Choosing the Right Way to Divorce For You

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to speak at the Jewish Community Center in New York City about how to choose the right process to Divorce and I thought I would share it with you. My recent blog “Get Yourself Free” covered briefly the four ways to divorce in the state of New York. I began my talk sharing this information and after a brief survey of the participants, it appeared that we had individuals who would most likely benefit from each process;, all, that is with the exception of Pr