Divorce Mediation

Mediators are trained to help couples work out the important issues involved with separation or divorce.Child support, alimony, division of marital assets, child custody, and visitation schedules are some of the issues that can be resolved with a Divorce Mediator.

Family Mediation

Families often find themselves polarized by conflicts that they cannot resolve "in-house." There are numerous issues that occur during and after divorce that can be resolved with Family Mediation.

Collaborative Divorce

Both parties and all team members sign a contract not to go to court but to work to construct a settlement agreement. No one can threaten to resort to court battles. A commitment is made by all team members to support open communication and solve problems jointly.

Kathleen Bar-Tur

Kathleen Costello Bar-Tur, LCSW, FIPA is the Director and Founder of The New York Center for Divorce & Family Mediation.


Divorce is 80% an emotional experience and 20% a legal process.

We help couples negotiate their divorce or separation to meet their specific needs. Don’t put your family’s emotional health in the hands of litigation lawyers and judges.

Recently I had lunch with a matrimonial judge whom I admire very much. We were talking about difficult parenting discussions I have had with clients and she stopped me with this story:

Do you know what I ask every couple who comes into my court? First, I ask them what they are doing in my courtroom. They explain they are there to settle a custody issue. I then ask them, ‘Do you love your children?’ They inevitably declare that they do and to that I answer, ‘Well, then what are you doing here? Because, I don’t love your children. I don’t even know your children and you are putting your children’s lives into the hands of a total stranger who doesn’t love them.” (To learn more – go to the blog article, ‘I Don’t Love Your Children.’)

The New York Center for Divorce & Family Mediation offers help with the following:

  • Divorce Mediation
  • Separation Agreements
  • Equitable Distribution Discussions
  • Alimony, Maintenance, & Child Support Negotiations
  • Parenting Plans: Child custody, Child visitation
  • Pre/post nuptial agreements
  • Blended Family Adjustments
  • Disputes Between Extended Family Members


The NY Center for Divorce & Mediation also offers Couples Therapy and Individual Divorce Support in addition to their Collaborative Divorce and Mediation Services.


What should I Bring to Mediation?

You are probably expecting to be given a list of items like tax returns, wedding certificates, a copy of your credit card bills, and yes, documentation of all your assets, marital and otherwise, so that you can sit and haggle-out an amenable agreement with your soon to be, ex-spouse even though you'd rather not have to. But, the most important item to bring with you is not material, it's your optimism. Your ability to imagine a better future, for yourself, for your child. if you are lucky enoug…Read More »