Mediation Services & More in New York, NY

Families often find themselves polarized by conflicts that they cannot resolve “in house.” There are numerous issues that occur before marriage, within intact families and after divorce that can be positively worked through and resolved with mediation.

1. Prenuptial agreements are meant to make the break up easier but they often introduce added stress and resentment into an otherwise loving relationship. Mediation can help to keep the prenuptial agreement in perspective and facilitate the difficult discussion about a future neither party wants to consider.

2. Post Divorce Mediation is the logical answer to work out disagreements with your ex when couples therapy seems like an uncomfortable option. Post Divorce Mediation can address important issues that might not have been addressed in Divorce Mediation: How to Introduce A New Partner to the Children; Difficulties with Grandparents; Relocation Plans; and many more unplanned issues that often occur only after divorce is final.

3. Family Mediation also can address issues between adults no longer in a nuclear family.

  • Siblings Disputes
  • Inheritance planning and discussions
  • Parents and Grown Children